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Beggs Laboratory Congenital Myopathy Research Fund

At the BeggsLab our main goal is to study the basic biology of skeletal muscles and to use this information to understand the genes and proteins involved in the cause of neuromuscular disorders. What we learn helps us to develop better diagnostic tests, treatments and therapies for some of the congenital myopathies such as Congenital Fiber Type disproportion, Multiminicore Disease, Myotubular Myopathy, Nemaline Myopathy, SELENON-Related Myopathies, and congenital myopathies in which a specific diagnosis has not been established.

The results derived from our research have shed light into some of the most difficult questions about the genetics of the congenital myopathies. Our progress has been made possible in part thanks to the generosity of many families around the world who have participated in, and supported, our research. Every gift, no matter the size, plays a vital role in bringing us one step closer to an answer.

Help Every Child

Your gift to the Every Child Fund goes where funds are needed most—from programs that help children heal, to family services not covered by insurance, to funds for our most promising research, and much more.

Did you know? $5.30 can provide ten preemie diapers for our tiniest patients, $10.80 covers the cost of ten child-sized blood pressure cuffs, and $150 can supply 2 weeks of support sessions for patients, parents and siblings.

Patient Care

Fixing medical problems is not enough to heal a child. Healing demands an environment that will bring peace and comfort to children and their families. Your donation to Patient Care helps provide patient-family services large and small—from temporary housing and emergency funds to music therapy.

Did you know? Supporters like you have helped provide more than 14,678 nights of subsidized housing, 20,000 meal vouchers and 100 interpreter services.


Boston Children's is home to the largest pediatric research center anywhere. We tackle childhood disease from every angle: from precision cures to research in cardiology, urology, brain cells, pediatric cancer and more. Then we share our discoveries with the world. Your fundraising dollars fuels the next breakthrough.

Did you know? Supporters like you have helped fund more than 330 clinical trials, 300 global outreach programs and 3,000 scientists and researchers working on cures.


Your donation helps our Department of Nursing remain a world leader in providing the most advanced, compassionate and safest family-centered, pediatric care. Our evidence-based practices, wide-ranging research and clinical innovations have changed the profession of pediatric nursing and improved outcomes in children.

Did you know? Our nurses helped Boston Children's earn four gold Beacon Awards for excellent performance and outstanding patient outcomes. We're the only hospital—adult or pediatric—in the country to receive this prestigious distinction.

Community Health

Your donation supports the state's largest provider of medical care to low-income children: Boston Children's Hospital. Our local initiatives address some of the most pressing health problems facing Boston families—asthma, obesity, mental health, injury prevention. Our telehealth programs and global health partnerships export our expertise worldwide.

Did you know? Supporters like you have helped our Community Asthma Initiative reduce asthma-related hospitalizations by 80% and become a model for the nation.

Until Every Child Is Well

Your donation supports the #1 children's hospital in the nation. Boston Children's offers more breadth and depth of expertise than any other pediatric hospital—it's why families travel from more than 100 countries to receive care here. And research discoveries made at Boston Children's—the world's largest research center at a pediatric hospital—are shared around the globe, improving the lives of both children and adults.

Did you know? Boston Children's researchers have made many groundbreaking discoveries over the years, like the vaccine for measles in the early 1960s.

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