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Let's Kick Covid to Spring Vacation

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Let's Kick Covid to Spring Vacation

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Why we fundraise for Boston Children's Hospital

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Fundraise Your Way - Be Creative 2020

Let's Kick Covid to Spring Vacation

Massachusetts Schools may be closed, play dates cancelled and birthday parties postponed but that doesn't mean our kid's reading should stop....especially for those emerging readers.

It broke our hearts last night to tell Jackie, our 6 year old daughter that because of Coronavirus, she cannot play with her friend next door, have playdates, attend swim lessons or start softball in April until the larger risk within the community subsides. While we adapt to this new normal of social distancing, it’s critical that we use fun and healthy competition to promote learning, engagement and good reading habits.

We have long counted ourselves fortunate for Jackie's good health, especially after undergoing successful open-heart surgery when she was 3 years old at Boston Children's Hospital. Now more than ever, families are struggling with uncertainty - especially those with children living with severe health issues and/or now considered high risk. To re-direct the anxiety of these uncertain times and provide a bright light at the end of the tunnel, we have partnered with Boston Children's to allocate funds from this read-a-thon drive to support the Every Child Fund and helping the hospital combat COVID-19.

Funds from this Read-a-Thon will ensure that, even as the coming days seem worrisome, Boston Children's services can keep these vital services running, even when stretched. We ask that you consider supporting this cause with two options:

Join Jackie’s Team and Fundraise with her to encourage your child to read as much as they can;

  • Jackie is looking for at least 10 teammates to join her team, reading 1 hour per day – the more the merrier!
  • Please consider sharing this with friends and family to help create a bit of competition in keeping our kids healthy.
  • If willing to participate, donate $2 /hr based on your child’s total reading from now until April 7th

Sign up, get reading, share some book suggestions and help us make a difference!

While we are all faced with the uncertainties of COVID-19, other illnesses and emergencies have not subsided. In fact, some of our most vulnerable populations, very sick children, will feel the effects of COVID-19 in other ways as they receive lifesaving care and treatments. Families will find it harder to travel to save their children. And the focus on research to discover cures, vaccines and breakthroughs for this illness could potentially delay the research needed for all of these other illnesses. Today, some of the best and brightest at Boston Children’s are being called to the front lines in developing a Coronavirus vaccine. In addition to this critical work, these experts continue their work at Children's, seeking to provide the most efficient and effective care for their patients. An example of this care can be seen in the "telemedicine clinics" established to allow patients to video chat with their care team so that the risks of traveling to the hospital can be avoided.

Children's mission is "Until Every Child is Well". Today, this mission has never rang truer and we thank you for helping us to ensure that this can become a reality.

All Our Hearts,

Jon & Julie

#kickcovid #kids4kids #heartyouforever #BostonChildren'sHospital #flattenthecurve

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