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2020 Lamacchia Realty Virtual Toy Drive

Team captain:


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2020 Lamacchia Realty Virtual Toy Drive

Team captain:







Why we fundraise for Boston Children's Hospital

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2020 Lamacchia Realty Virtual Toy Drive

The Lamacchia Companies are fundraising to help Boston Children’s Hospital continue its amazing work for kids. We understand how very fourtunate we are to have the #1 Children's Hospital right in our backyard. Many staff and agents have personal connections to the hospital and we are so proud to help support the patients and their families for the 9th year in a row! Bringing smiles and joy during the holiday season means so much to all of us and we are very excited to break some records this year!

Every dollar raised helps brighten the hospital experience for patients and families. Your gift will help stock playrooms with toys and activities, purchase medical play materials and provide individualized support to families.

$30: 10 packs of playdoh for patients to create with or to squish when feeling nervous
$50: 5 play medical kits to help patients understand and learn about hospital experiences
$100: Enough bubbles for a month on 1 unit—Blowing bubbles is fun and calming, and can even help encourage patients to take deep breaths
$250: Legacy and Milestone supplies for up to 20 patients—from inkpads for sweet baby footprints to special books that will hold memories made
$500: Treasure Box items for 1 month for 1 unit or clinic—having small prizes available for patients helps to encourage a smile after a really hard experience.
$1,000: Tech items such as iPads and DVD players offer distraction and learning opportunities for patients during procedures and long stays.
And the hospital doesn't just stop there. Boston Children's truly understands the importance of training the next generation of top pediatricians and nurses, so they can continue to provide the best, most innovative care possible to kids.

Your donation provides more than a new toy, it brings smiles, laughter, and healing, during the holiday season.

Please support my fundraiser—and Boston Children’s Hospital.

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