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2018 Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Sunday, June 10, 2018 | -183 Days to Go!

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Raised So Far: $850.00

Fundraising Goal: $500.00

Why We Walk

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2018 Walk

Izzie's Hope

Team Izzie's Hope is fundraising on behalf of Boston Children's Hospital this year. Every family deserves the best care possible for their child, brother, sister, cousin, or friend. It has been our experience and we want to give hope to other families.

Izzie is a patient at Boston Children's Heart Center. Our journey began in March of 2012 when we heard the words "Your baby needs surgery to live". Since her birth on August 1, 2012, we have endured three open-heart surgeries, three catheterizations, swallow study, barium study, G-tube surgery, eye surgery, sedated MRI, multiple echocardiograms and numerous chest x-rays. In her first year alone we spent roughly 90 days inpatient from either dehydration, failure to thrive, or scheduled surgeries.

We have held her when she was connected with wires, chest tubes, and monitors

We have fallen asleep listening to the beeps of the monitors while sitting upright in chairs

We have sat in the cafeteria, exhausted, hoping that this meal would be the last one we would have in the hospital

We have shopped for Christmas presents in the hospital at a special store put on by Child Life services because of donations others have made

We have witnessed other families endure the unimaginable

For these reasons, we lace up and prepare to hit the pavement this June. We lace up because our Izzie is thriving and we know the biggest reason why is because of the care she received from Boston Children's Hospital. We are walking to give others hope that their child can have the same chance to thrive.

Support the hospital by joining us, making a gift to one of team members, or share our page to help others experience the excellent care we have been so fortunate to have!

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