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Team Tenacious Grace

On February 12, 2018, our daughter, Gracie Goulet was rushed by ambulance to Boston Children's Hospital. While her vitals were stable during the ride, by the time we reached the hospital things were no longer stable. Gracie was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis and Septic Shock. She was in respiratory failure and required intubation before she could even be moved to the ICU. It was as the amazing doctors and nurses worked to save her that morning, that testing revealed that Gracie had been born without a spleen. This rare condition, Isolated Congenital Asplenia, is a serious immundeficiency that caused Gracie to get as sick as she did, as quickly as she did. Because of our amazing team, and the resources available at Boston Children's Hospital, Gracie survived. She spent three weeks at Children's Hospital where she began the long process of her recovery, and we where began the process of learning how to manage her underlying condition. She also spent two weeks at a rehab hospital learning how to walk and talk again.

A year later you would not know by looking at Gracie how sick she has been. Looking at our calendars though, you would know that we are still frequent visitors of the doctors at BCH and continue to benefit immensely from their guidance and care.

Gracie suffered necrosis of her fingers as a result of her infection. This April, Gracie will undergo a hand surgery to help alleviate the pain caused by the way two of those fingertips have healed. It is a relief to us that as we explain this process to Gracie, she is able to identify both her doctors and the hospital as people/places that are familiar and comfortable to her. She associates the hospital not with pain and illness, but with friends, and toys and helpers.

It is a flaw in the universe that children can need such a high level of medical care. But we are forever grateful that when this happened to our family, Boston Children's Hospital was an option for our family. We walk so that every child and every family has the opportunties we have had to grow and heal.

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