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2019 Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Sunday, June 9, 2019 | -188 Days to Go!

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Brendan and Bree
Brendan and Bree


As many of you may know, Boston Children's Hospital has played a large part in both of our families' lives. We're here to tell you our stories - the reason we are walking.

At 6 months old, Brendan slowly refused to eat, drinking 8 or less ounces a day, or the same amount that most babies eat by 9am. He was admitted to Boston Children's Hospital three times in two months, until a prolonged hospital stay for his entire 8th month of life. It was during this time that we discovered how special this hospital really is. Not only did we receive the best possible care you could ask for, we watched as our nurses and doctors worked diligently to figure out what was ailing Brendan. In addition to being diagnosed Failure to Thrive with a Feeding Aversion, he was eventually diagnosed with a rare allergy to cow’s protein (milk) known as FPIES. Brendan was exclusively tube-fed for four months, and at Age 1, began intensive feeding therapy to re-teach him how to eat. With the support of the Growth and Nutrition Clinic, Brendan has grown and developed alongside his peers.

Carter is currently receiving care from Boston Children’s Hospital. Early feeding complications as a result of a Laryngomalacia diagnosis as well as chronic upper respiratory issues have recently landed us in the hands of the Pulmonary Clinic. With many things still unknown and a great plan in place, we know our baby is in the best hands.

Bree was first admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital at 3 weeks old for issues related to feeding and swallowing. Many tests and hospitalizations later, we found out that she has a rare congenital abnormality called a laryngeal cleft. With current support of Children’s ENT, surgical, Pulmonary, GI and Feeding Teams, Bree has continued to grow and develop despite needing additional support to safely swallow. Bree also had a prolonged hospitalization for RSV as an infant, where we were able to see their top of the line critical care team function like a well-oiled machine.

The doctors, nurses, social workers, child life therapists and more, supported us in ways we never expected to need support as new parents. The guidance, care and love we received allowed us to be present for our children when they needed us most. In very stressful, and at times, overwhelming situations, this hospital did all they could to provide us comfort, ultimately resulting in our family being closer than ever.

You may hear stories about why Boston Children's Hospital is such a special place and we're here to confirm that everything you hear is true, and more. We walk for Brendan, Bree and Carter. We walk for all the amazing doctors, nurses and staff at Boston Children's Hospital. But we truly walk to ensure that other children continue to be afforded the same level and quality of care that we were given. Thank you for reading our stories that demonstrate the value of what this hospital provides. If you would like to donate or join us on June 9th, TeamFam, and countless others, will be forever grateful.

All Our Love,
Megan, Mark, Nicole, Steve, Brendan, Bree & Carter

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