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Eversource Virtual Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Sunday, June 14, 2020 | -167 Days to Go!

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Down Syndrome Program Team
Down Syndrome Program Team

Team Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Program team members are excited for this year’s Virtual Eversource Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital. All funds raised by TEAM DOWN SYNDROME walkers will be dedicated to the Down Syndrome Research Program. We hope you can join our team this year and help raise funds with us!

Research is critically needed to help improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome. Through partnerships with families, researchers, and clinicians, we have developed a research program that addresses high priority needs for individuals with Down syndrome. The Boston Children’s Hospital Down Syndrome Research Program is closely aligned and integrated with clinical care in our mission, to help all individuals with Down syndrome reach their fullest potential.

The core focus across all of our research studies is to better understand the medical issues, brain processes, and patterns of neurodevelopment of individuals with Down syndrome that will lead to more effective treatments to improve health, behavior, and development in individuals with Down syndrome

Boston Down Syndrome Program Research Goals and Highlights:

1. Research of Behavioral, Educational, and Medical Interventions:

• JASPER Behavioral therapy clinical trial: JASPER (Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, Engagement, and Regulation) is a behavioral intervention designed to teach young children fundamental social communication to improve language, behavior, and play skills. These types of behavioral therapies are widely available for children with autism, but not those with Down syndrome, largely because of a lack of research in Down syndrome. This study is possible because of generous donations to the Boston Children’s Hospital Down Syndrome Research Program.

2. Research of Brain Processes and Patterns of Neurodevelopment:

• Infant Screening Project: In this project, we are studying how EEG brain waves may predict early language and social communication development in children with Down syndrome to help identify children with Down syndrome who may be at risk for language difficulty or autism spectrum disorder, before observable development and behavioral symptoms are evident. The hopes is that earlier detection and treatment will lead to improved developmental outcomes.

3. Studying the Impact of Medical Conditions on Development:

• CHILD-DS: Congenital Heart disease: Impact on Learning and Development in Down Syndrome: In this upcoming study, we hope to understand the impact of congenital heart disease and infant heart surgery impacts development in Down syndrome.
• Longitudinal Quality Improvement Database: This database allows us to closely track how medical conditions, treatment, home life, services, and educational programming impact development, and helps us learn about risk factors and effective treatments for individuals with Down syndrome to improve our clinical care.

Research enables the potential for new discoveries that can lead to a brighter future for people with Down syndrome. Thank you in advance for your contribution to our program’s research and we hope you enjoy the walk!

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