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Eversource Virtual Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Sunday, June 14, 2020 | -167 Days to Go!

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Donations support: no company Pediatric Research

Donations support: Pediatric Research

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Laura Bean

Welcome to Team Laura Bean's Page!

We are walking in honor of Laura and all that Children's Hospital has done for her. Sydney and Aiden, too have recieved excellent care there as well. We are blessed to live so close to the best hospitals in the country and lucky to have had the support of all the doctors, nurses and staff in all areas we have visited. Without Children's Hospital our lives would be so different. Laura has been seen by so many within the hospital. Without the care she recieved at Children's.... Well it's not something we like to think about but not only did they save her life at 6 months old but they have cared for her well beyond just the surgeries. Sydney's epilepsy is under control and well monitored. Aiden is hearing better because of his hearing aides. Before them he didn't know that airplanes made noise in the sky! Laura, Sydney and Aiden all look forward to going to Children's Hospital. They know that the staff cares for them and will take care of them.

With all these different medical issues and especially because their causes are still unknown, Team Laura Bean has decided that all money donated from our team will go towards medical research within the hospital. We hope that with further research, the doctors at Children's Hospital will find the causes and hopefully even the cures of these and other medical issues children and their families face. Please consider donating or joining us today.

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