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Sunday, June 14, 2020 | -221 Days to Go!

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Donations support: Patient Family Housing

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Team Jameson Lisk
Team Jameson Lisk

Team Jameson Lisk

From Jessica, Team Captain and 2019 Boston Children's Hospital patient's mother-

Most people reading this will be well aware of Jameson's rollercoaster ride of a journey we've been on since his diagnosis with Pyriform Aperture Stenosis upon his birth.

When we started at Crouse Hospital we were fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the Ronald McDonald House where Alex and I could stay for $28/night for the first few weeks of his life until he got a bed at BCH. With free meals and snacks, no time clock ticking and being just a mile from the hospital- it was amazing!

Boston's patient family housing is a much different story. Their Ronald McDonald House is only for families whose loved one is a cancer or cardiac patient who is facing a long term stay and the house itself has very few apartments and a mile long wait list.

Other options for parents include; staying right in the hospital in free rooms that are about the size of a twin bed with no windows and a communal shower and were very depressing even just to tour or local hotels that offer "discounts" which aren't discounts to most people's financial situations and you'd be lucky to find vacancy anyway.

Until we connected with local family my parents, Alex and I had to hotel hop to squeeze in where they had vacancies and to find hotels that wouldn't completely break the bank. When the Red Sox are playing home games hotel rooms double and triple in price making them $800++++ per night.

After sitting at our baby's bedside for 12+ hours a day it was extremely stressful to also have to find accommodations that we could afford and that would help us mentally find some peace until the next day of doing it all over again.

This should not be something families face on top of everything else they are dealing with! In my opinion BCH is in dire need of better accommodations for families going through extremely sad, stressful, isolating, nightmare situations.

Help us help a little in Jameson's honor! Thank you so much for whatever you can do.





We're fundraising on behalf of Boston Children's Hospital because:

WE BELIEVE no parent should experience the loss of a child.

WE BELIEVE no sibling should have to watch their brother or sister suffer.

WE BELIEVE that by investing in the best doctors and scientists we can save lives - today!

WE BELIEVE that donations received before today helped a child we love and

WE BELIEVE that every dollar we raise for Boston Children's Hospital will have a ripple effect and could be THE dollar that changes everything for a future family in crisis.

Please consider a donation to support our fundraising efforts... because WE KNOW that when we band together, WE WILL help fund Boston Children's exceptional care and groundbreaking research that can help every child.

Support the hospital by joining our team or making a gift to one of our team members.

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