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Yoga Reaches Out | April 10, 2022

Raised So Far: $9,529.00

Fundraising Goal: $9,000.00

Join us to help kids

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Yoga Reaches Out 2022

Earth & Aerial Yoga and Synergy Wellness Center
Earth & Aerial Yoga and Synergy Wellness Center

Hudson Humble Warriors

Welcome to the Hudson Humbler Warriors fundraising page! 

Our team brings together two yoga studios from Hudson, MA--Earth & Aerial Yoga and Synergy Wellness Center. Our owners, teachers and students are participating in the Yoga Reaches Out Yogathon, because we are passionate about helping kids and families at Boston Children's Hospital. 

On April 10, we'll join more than 1,400 yogis at Gillette Stadium for an inspirational day of yoga, music, and fundraising - all to bring lifesaving answers and hope to the sickest children from around the world. 

Will you help us reach our fundraising goal with a donation today?

Every dollar we raise funds breakthrough research, family supports, and vital services not covered by insurance through the hospital's Every Child Fund. Your gift will:

  • give children battling the most complex diseases treatments they can't find anywhere else;
  • help children in your town and those across the world get a second chance;
  • fuel 3,000+ researchers working to find cures;
  • help patient-families in crisis with urgent needs, including housing, food and clothing;
  • bring crucial care to families through not 1, but 4 outpatient psychiatry clinics;
  • provide reiki, yoga and a safe place to simply exhale for families facing the stress of caring for a critically-ill child;
  • and so much more.

Join one of our Yoga Reaches Out donation classes! 

Friday Night Flow Down for Yoga Reaches Out

Friday, March 25 @ 5:30-6:30 PM
Location: Synergy Wellness Center

Join Valerie Kacian for a donation event to support the Hudson Humble Warrior‘s team at Yoga Reaches Out and Boston Children’s Hospital. This all levels class will incorporate an energizing flow with a softening cool down, pranayama and guided meditation. It’s the BEST way to end your week and support a worthy cause for children and families in need.

Class is free with a suggested minimum donation of $25 to Yoga Reaches Out and our fundraising team “Hudson Humble Warriors.” Donations will fund breakthrough research, family support and vital services not covered by insurance through the Boston Children’s Hospital Every Child Fund.

Aerial Yoga Party

Friday, April 1 @ 8:30-9:30 PM
Location: Synergy Wellness Center

Let’s have an aerial yoga party AND help raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital!

Grab a buddy and prepare for a high time. This class is a chance for curious and adventurous souls to get together for a fun-filled evening and explore the basics of aerial yoga. Join Katharine Scalora to learn fun ways to get in and out of the hammock, strike aerial yoga poses like flying Downward Dog and flying Buddha, try simple supported inversions and so much more. This event is accessible to adults of all ages and all fitness levels, and is meant to inspire and empower them to connect with their inner strength and vitality. Previous aerial yoga experience is not required.

THANK YOU for supporting our fundraising efforts and the children and families at Boston Children's and beyond.

We are forever grateful for your generosity! 
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