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Yoga Reaches Out

miracle makers

Miracle Makers are yogis who raise $1,000 or more for Yoga Reaches Out.

Along with heartfelt thanks from Boston Children's, yogis who achieve Miracle Maker status by October 12, 2020 will receive:

  • Unique Yoga Reaches Out tank top
  • Recognition on event day
  • *Name on Yoga Reaches Out website and on social media posts
  • *Exclusive access to a Miracle Maker Yoga class for you and a guest
  • And much more!
  • *Benefits received for Miracle Makers who reach $1,000+ after October 12, 2020.

    2020 miracle makers*

    *as of 9/17/2020

    Amy McCrosson
    Ann McDonough
    Annie Pacious
    Bernice Lau
    Chuck Raffoni
    Danielle Hafers
    Deb Fraine
    Debbi Darling
    Donna Bosworth
    Eileen Waxler
    Elayne Daniels
    Ellen Weinstein
    Gail Lachs
    Heidi Kassner
    Helen Healey
    Jacqueline Bonwell
    Jaime MacDonald
    Janet Murphy
    Jeff Costa
    Jennifer Miles
    Jess Ripa
    Jessica Brandi
    Joanna Losty
    Jojo Reger
    Julie Elpus
    Julie Sullivan
    Karen Oneil
    Kate Waters
    Kelly Parent
    Kimberly Saart
    Kristen Nickel
    Lauren D'Angelo
    Lauren Turner
    Linda Shweiri
    Lindsay Benson
    Lisa Howard
    Lynda Jacobvitz
    Mary Marvullo
    Maureen Delaney
    Michaela Collins
    Michelle Busharis
    Nanci Winterhalter
    Nandini Narayanan
    Rebecca Morrow
    Rebecca Reber
    Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Kearns
    Sheilz Sheeran
    Sue Mayrand
    Susan Treichel
    Willa Worsfold

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