Yoga Reaches Out | Boston Children's Hospital

Your Impact

Through Yoga Reaches Out, you use your passion for yoga to help the sickest kids and their families find lifesaving answers—and hope—at the one place that’s cured more childhood diseases than any other hospital, Boston Children’s. Every dollar you raise fuels breakthrough research, family supports, and vital services not covered by insurance through the hospital’s Every Child Fund.

You save kids’ lives

  • You give children battling the most complex diseases treatments they can’t find anywhere else.
  • You help children in your town and those across the world get a second chance.
  • You fuel 3,000+ researchers working to find cures.

You support families

  • You help patient-families in crisis with urgent needs, like housing, food and clothing.
  • You bring crucial care to families through not 1 but 4 outpatient psychiatry clinics.
  • You provide Reiki, yoga and a safe place to simply exhale for families facing the stress of caring for a critically-ill child.

You help kids like Jordynn

During an 18-week ultrasound, doctors at a local hospital told Amy that her daughter, Jordynn, would never walk or talk. She was a mess but knew that they would fight together.

After a complicated, high-risk pregnancy and birth, Amy turned Boston Children’s Hospital for answers. Jordynn was just 15 days old. Her rare, genetic disorder, plus many secondary conditions, required care from over 10 Boston Children’s specialists.

Thanks to treatment, made possible by people like you, Jordynn can walk, talk, and enjoy the activities she loves—from painting, drawing, and singing to dancing, riding her bike and playing the drums.

Today, the creative and always smiling 10-year-old has had 36 surgeries and frequently comes to Boston Children’s. Jordynn faces more surgeries ahead, but her mom is hopeful she’ll have a successful, independent future because of your compassionate support through Yoga Reaches Out.

Together, as a yoga community, we make life-changing care possible for kids with the rarest, most complex conditions. Thank you for helping Jordynn and children from all over the world find answers so they can do what they love.