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Yoga Reaches Out

Miracle Makers

Miracle Makers are participants who raise $1,000 or more to help kids. Along with many thanks from Boston Children's, participants who achieve Miracle Maker status by April 1, 2022 will receive:

  • VIP Access to Miracle Maker check-in line
  • Unique Yoga Reaches Out shirt
  • Recognition on event day
  • Priority access to event day perks
  • *Name on Yoga Reaches Out website and on social media posts
  • *Exclusive access to a Miracle Maker Yoga class for you and a guest after the event
  • And more!

*Benefits received for Miracle Makers who reach $1,000+ after April 1.

Thank you to our 2022 Miracle Makers

Janine Agoglia
Gina Azar Lisi
Laureen Bina
Nicole Bliss
Sarah Bouchard
Emma Bouthillette
Deb Carroll
Cherie Charbonneau
Dilip Chavan
Kassandra Christiansen
Elaine Cody
Claudine Colarusso
Michaela Collins
Logan Collins
Jeff Costa
Nancy Cuttitta
Lauren D'Angelo
Teri Davidson
Sue Flanagan
Sarah Gardner
Mindy Gavinaitis
Elizabeth Goranson Seeger
Sara Govoni
Michelle Grasso
Amber Gregory
Jessica Grundig
Marsha Hartley
Lisa Howard
Andie Insoft
Kayla Jones
Heidi Kassner
Hania Khuri-Trapper
Denise Lamoureux
Crystal Lee
Amie Lee
Shawna Lemelman
Melissa Lorusso
Joanna Losty
Ashley MacQuarrie
Kate Malloy
Nicholas Maniscalco
Michelle Manteiga
Allison Martinelli
Nandini Narayanan
James Newton
Karen ONeil
Lisa ONeill
Annie Pacious
Kelly Parent
Shrinal Patel
Andrea Pennini
Marlene Perkins
Danielle Piccarini
Emily Podurgiel
Colleen Quinn
Nina Radzim
Chuck Raffoni
Jess Ripa
Cheryl Rocha
Tracy Rodriguez Forbes
Aubrey Rogers
Kirsten Rogers
Ellen Rose
John Russell
Kimberly Saart
Erin Schipani
Robin Schreier
Marsha Schwarz
Ana Schwarz
Dianna Scott
David Silva
Hilary Smiley
Rachel Smoller
Nancy Stevens
Julie Sullivan
Michelle Tedder
Lisa Thaxton
Brittany Vail
Daryl Vanderburgh
Carrie Wagner
Eileen Waxler
Victoria Weinstock
Sherida Welch
Tara Williams
Nanci Winterhalter
Willa Worsfold
DJ Teenie Z
*Miracle Makers as of 4/6/22