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Corporate Cup Competition

Game day events

Teams battle for points and glory in events such as football throws, an obstacle course and much more! It's a day filled with camaraderie, fun and fierce battles, culminating in a Tug of War. End the day with a reception to announce the winners and a celebration with a refreshing drink, barbecue and bragging rights.


Now, the nitty gritty. Which events will you take on? Explore this year's lineup by clicking the event titles below.

50 Yard Relay

All team members must participate. Participants will run forward 25 yards while collecting items into a backpack, run backwards 25 yards with the backpack full of items, then pass the backpack off to the next participant. Participants will continue, alternating between packing and unpacking the backpack, until 20 turns have been completed. The top 3 teams in a group with the fastest times will be awarded points.

Basketball Shootout

8 members of the team must participate. Each team will have 3 total hula-hoops, 2 team members per hula-hoop. 2 team members can retrieve the basketballs and pass them back to the shooters. The top 3 teams in a group with the most baskets will be awarded points. First place 5 points, second place 3 points and third place 1 point.

Football Toss

Teams will consist of 8 participants. Five team members will throw, while three catch at varying designated distances. The 3 teams in a group with the most successful catches will be awarded points.

Hula Hoop

Teams will consist of 10 participants. Each team will be given 1 hula-hoop and participants must stand in a line holding hands with their arms and elbows fully extended. Once time starts, the hula-hoop must make its way down and back the line of participants, without touching the ground, 3 times in a row. The top 3 fastest teams in a group will be awarded points.

Obstacle Course

Teams of 6 will travel through physical and mental obstacles. Once all members have competed the obstacle course, the team will work together to solve a puzzle. The top 3 fastest teams in a group will be awarded points.

Pick A Puck

All team members must participate. There will be 20 hockey pucks, each labeled with a letter. One at a time, team members will run to collect a puck to spell the phrase “Compete Have Fun Do Good”. Team must retrieve the letters in order. The top 3 teams in a group will be awarded points.

Soccer Kicks

All team members must participate. Each team will have to kick a soccer ball over a bar 20 times and then shoot on a goal to score 20 times. The top 3 teams will be determined by time. The fastest team to complete both activities wins.

Tug of War

Teams of 8 will compete in a single elimination bracket format. Winning teams from each bracket will participate in the final tug of war at the end of the day. The top 46 fundraising teams will receive a first round bye.

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