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Eversource Virtual Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Sunday, June 14, 2020 | -167 Days to Go!

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Donations support: Children's Activities

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Operating Room Medical play
Operating Room Medical play

Team Sparkle J Rose

 This is Team Sparkle J Rose’s 4th year walking to raise funds for Boston Children’s Hospital. While this year will be different with our walking virtual because of Covid-19, our family will participate in a neighborhood walk between June 6-14. Despite not being able to walk along the Charles river in Boston, we will proudly support and give back to the hospital, doctors , nurses, and staff that are so valuable to not only Jordynn and our family, but in a time of crisis and to so many others in desperate need.

 This year we chose our donations to go to Children’s Activities. This gives children music, art therapy, medical play and celebrations to help them heal faster and bring joy into the hospital.
 With Jordynn’s many visits to Boston Children’s Hospital this has been an essential role in her care. Hospitalizations, Doctor Appointments, surgeries, and testing experiences can be difficult for her. The unfamiliar faces, places, fear of the unknown and separation from family increases her anxiety level and challenges her ability to cope.
 Medical play is one way Jordynn can work through her fears, feelings and anxiety regarding medical experiences. Medical play is play with a medical theme. It uses real or toy medical equipment, and often dolls or teddy bears. These items help her become more familiar with medical procedures, equipment, and the healthcare environment in a way that she won’t be scared.
 Art has given Jordynn ability to cope with and accept the challenges of her diagnosis’s, treatment, and hospital expierences.  It has Enhanced her self-esteem and confidence.  Art helps reduce and manage stress, fear, pain, and other feelings around treatment, diagnosis’s, and what’s going on in her life. It helps support decision making to regain a sense of control, including advocating for care.  Music keeps Jordynn calm .  

     Please consider a donation to support our fundraising efforts... because WE KNOW that when we band together, WE WILL help fund Boston Children's exceptional care and groundbreaking research that can help every child. 

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