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What is the application process to be selected to be part of the team?
We ask all runners to complete an online application. Along with your contact information and running experience, we’re interested in knowing why you want to run for Boston Children's Hospital. Once you submit your completed application, we may contact you directly to speak further.

What’s the difference between a standard and registered (own entry) runner?
A standard runner is an athlete who is requesting use of one of our entries/bibs to participate in the London Marathon. A registered runner is an athlete who already has an entry/bib for the London Marathon.

As an own entry runner, why should I fundraise for Boston Children’s Hospital?
Boston Children's Hospital changes lives every day. We need the support of runners like you who recognize what a special place this is. As an own entry runner, your fundraising minimum is $1,500 and you’ll have access to all of our perks as a part of our team!

What is a Patient Partner?
The Patient Partner program pairs up kids who are current or former patients with runners to help inspire them. Do you already know a patient that you’d like to run for? We’d be happy to sign them up for the program so they get all the benefits of being an official Patient Partner. Email for more information.

Where can I fill out an application?
Applications are accepted online by following this link. If you have questions, contact us at

What are the costs associated with running the London Marathon?
In addition to the required fundraising commitment, all runners are responsible for their own travel expenses.

What happens if the marathon is cancelled?
If the marathon is cancelled, Boston Children’s will follow the London Marathon race organizer guidelines and determine the best course of action for our team. Registration fees and donations are non-refundable.


Where does the money go?
Your funds help Boston Children’s change the future of healthcare for every child, here and around the world. Through the Every Child Fund, we treat the whole child, support families and fund research to end all childhood diseases. Your efforts bring us one step closer.

How can friends/family/colleagues sponsor my run?
Your supporters can sponsor your run by:

  • Giving online by credit card on your personal fundraising page. The link is (Click on ‘DONATE’ then type in the participant’s name under ‘Search for a Fundraiser’). Runners can also set up a personalized URL in their fundraising center to share with friends and family. Please note: only $5 or more can be given online.
  • Making a check out to Boston Children's Hospital.  Put your runner's name on the memo line, complete the check donations form and include it in an envelope with the check.
  • Giving you cash.  You can write a personal check or get a bank check and and mail it in an envelope. Note: Make sure to write your donor’s information on the envelope or include the check donation form so we can add them to your fundraising page.

Donations can be sent to the address below:

Boston Children’s Hospital Trust
Attn: Gift Services
401 Park Drive, Suite 602
Boston, MA 02215

What happens if I don’t reach my fundraising commitment?
Every runner who is accepted onto the team provides their credit card information. You’ll have until September 30, 2021 to reach your fundraising commitment. If you’re not able to reach the commitment by that time, your credit card will be charged the difference.

Will donors who give by check or cash appear on my personal fundraising page?
Yes. Our team will add all donations we receive in the mail to the sponsor list on your personal fundraising page and your total will be updated. Note: Offline donations may take 7-10 business days to be reflected on your page.

How should I send my check donations to Boston Children’s?
Download and complete the check donation form on the website and mail it in with the checks. For every check you receive, please write your name (name of the runner on the "Memo" section of the check to properly credit your fundraising efforts. Please mail in donations as soon as you receive them so we can properly credit your total. All checks should be made out Boston Children’s Hospital.

Do you send acknowledgement letters for contributions?
Yes. Boston Children's Hospital acknowledges all gifts of $250 or more and sends receipts for these gifts per IRS guidelines. All online gifts receive an automatic email receipt.

What is a Miracle Maker? How do I become a member?
Miracle Makers are runners who go above and beyond in their fundraising efforts for the hospital. You'll find more information about Miracle Makers here.

One of my donors made a one-time gift, but why does their bank statement say their gift is recurring?
Some banks will label this gift transaction as recurring even if it is not. If your donor would like to confirm that they made a one-time gift, they may contact

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Do you offer any coaching?
Yes. We have dedicated coaches who work with all levels of running ability. They'll provide you with proper training and offer targeted clinics to help you train. You'll receive more information directly from the coaches once you are accepted to the team.

Do you organize any training runs?
Yes. Our team meets every Saturday morning in the Greater Boston area. Group runs are subject to change based on COVID-19 gathering precautions and guidelines.

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Do you provide hotel rooms for Marathon weekend?
No, we do not provide hotel rooms. We recommend making hotel reservations right away because the hotels sell out quickly. Visit the official marathon website for hotel information. We can also connect you with a US-based marathon travel group who has hotel blocks.

Are there any activities planned for Marathon weekend?
Our London runners are invited to celebrate their achievements with our Boston Marathon team over Boston Marathon weekend. We’ll also coordinate with our London runners to plan any gatherings in London during race weekend.

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