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Ride to Cure Kids | Boston Children's Hospital


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What is Ride to Cure Kids?
Ride to Cure Kids brings riders of all levels to the TRACK at new balance to help kids facing complex, life-threatening illnesses. Every dollar raised fuels groundbreaking research at Boston Children’s to find cures and treatments for children worldwide. The vibe is celebratory and upbeat—the DJ will be mixing and guest speakers will inspire. We'll ride today to give kids a healthy tomorrow.
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Who can participate?
Ride to Cure Kids is open to all, ages 18 and up. All levels of indoor cyclists are welcome. If you are new to riding, don't worry! You will have fun and can ride at your own pace. Come out with friends, family and colleagues to support the kids at Boston Children's.

What is the event like?
The event is full of energy, inspiration and fun. You'll ride with your team on stationary bikes inside the state-of-the-art TRACK at new balance. There are four, 45-minute rides, with each session taught by one of New England's favorite instructors. A live DJ will keep the energy pumping. Between sessions, grab food, water and/or coffee, get a massage, cheer on your fellow riders, dance a bit, visit the photo booth and more. Go at your own pace and enjoy the day.

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How do I register?
Create a team, join a team, or ride on your own as an Ultimate Rider!
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How do others join my team?
During registration, riders can join your team by searching for and choosing the team's name. Riders can also join your team directly from your team page. Log in to your fundraising center for more ways to recruit teammates, such as using email templates to send a personal invitation.

How many people can be on a team?
Each team must have four registered participants, so there are enough riders for each of the four, 45-minute sessions. There is a $250 fundraising requirement for each participant.

Can I register to ride on my own?
Kudos to you for wanting to ride all four hours! Any individual riding all four hours is required to raise $1,000.
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Why is there a registration fee?
The $25 registration fee helps us cover your event day experience and allows every dollar raised to go directly to helping patients. All registered riders will receive breakfast, snacks, coffee/tea, access to the massage area and so much more.

If you need to cancel, contact us at or 617-355-6666 by November 1, 2023. Please note that registration fees are nonrefundable.

Can I register on the day of the event?
So we can plan properly, we ask you to register before registration closes on November 9 at 5 pm.

Does my team need to register for any of the four cycling sessions? Or can we decide which to attend on event day?
Team members don't have to register for the cycling sessions. Team captains must decide in advance of the event which of the four members will ride during each of the four cycling sessions.

Can multiple teams have the same name?
Sorry, but our system doesn't allow teams to have the exact same name.

How are team names determined?
The Team Captain will typically choose a team name when registering. Team names are subject to review/revision by Boston Children's Hospital, to ensure all are sufficiently different and will not cause confusion between teams. Boston Children's Hospital may remove riders from a team at their discretion.

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How do donations help kids?
Donations support the Boston Children's Hospital Research Accelerator Fund. When you fundraise, you accelerate promising research and bring breakthrough treatments and cures to kids facing complex, life-threatening illnesses.
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How can friends, family and colleagues donate to my Ride to Cure Kids efforts?
Your supporters can donate by:

  • Giving online by credit card on your personal fundraising page.
  • Making a check out to Boston Children's Hospital. Please have your donor write your name and "Ride to Cure Kids" on the memo line so we can ensure the donation is posted to your fundraising page.
  • Giving you cash. Write a personal check or exchange cash for a bank check and mail it to us — please do not mail cash. Please write your donor’s information on the envelope so we can add them to your fundraising page.

How should I send my check donations to Boston Children’s?
Please complete this form and mail gifts to us. Once received, we will process and update your total. If you have questions, please contact

Boston Children's Hospital's Tax ID number: 04-2774441
Please mail checks made payable to Boston Children’s Hospital to:
Boston Children’s Hospital Trust
Attn: Gift Services
401 Park Drive, Suite 602
Boston, MA 02215-3354

Will donors who give by check appear on my personal fundraising page?
Yes. Our gift processing team will add donations received in the mail to your personal fundraising page. Offline donations may take 5-7 business days to be reflected on your page

Do you send acknowledgement letters for contributions?
Yes. Boston Children's Hospital acknowledges all gifts of $250 or more and sends receipts for these gifts per IRS guidelines. All online gifts will receive an automatic receipt.

I don't want to fundraise. Can I still attend Ride to Cure Kids?
Yes, you can register and make a donation of $250 via your credit card or a check to fulfill the fundraising minimum.

Do I still need to raise the minimum if I join a team?
Yes, each team member is asked to pay a $25 registration fee and is required to raise the fundraising minimum of $250.

What if I don't reach the fundraising minimum?
All participants are required to meet the $250 fundraising minimum by Monday, November 20, 2023. If you haven't raised $250 by the deadline, your credit card will be charged the remaining balance.

All Ultimate Riders are required to meet the $1,000 fundraising minimum by Monday, November 20, 2023. If you are an Ultimate Rider and haven't raised $1,000 by the deadline, your credit card will be charged the remaining balance.

What are Miracle Makers?
Miracle Makers are a special group of riders who raise $1,000 or more! Along with many thanks from Boston Children's, those who achieve Miracle Maker status by November 1 will receive a special event day T-shirt/tank top, event day perks and special recognition.

How do I learn more about matching gifts?
Many companies offer matching gifts for their employees who give to nonprofits like Boston Children's Hospital. Increase the impact of your donation by applying for your company to match your gift now.
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Will my matching gift count toward my fundraising?
Your matching gift does not count toward your fundraising until it is received and booked by Boston Children’s Hospital Trust. Please note, if you’re participating in an event with a required fundraising minimum, it can take months for us to receive your matching gift and we cannot withhold charging your credit card while waiting for your matching gift to arrive.

Can I do a Facebook Fundraiser for Ride to Cure Kids?
Unfortunately, not. Because of technical changes that Meta (Facebook’s owner) has made to Facebook Fundraisers and payment processing, Facebook Fundraisers are no longer compatible with our fundraising systems.

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Event Day

What should I wear to Ride to Cure Kids?
Please wear comfortable, light, non-restrictive clothes and sneakers. Clip-in shoes will not be allowed on the TRACK.

What else should I bring?
We will have a coat check for coats only. We will not be able to check large bags or purses, so please bring only items you feel comfortable leaving with your team. There is a locker room with showers, if you prefer to bring a change of clothes.

What time should I arrive?
Event day check-in will start at 7 am. If you are the first rider on the team, please be there by 7:45 am to find your bike and get settled in for the 8 am ride. Before each session, there will be a brief speaking portion as well as instructions on how to make the most of your time on the bike.

What time should team captains arrive?
If you are the team captain, we recommend you arrive before the first rider starts. If you are the first rider for your team, please plan to be on your bike by 7:45 am. Even if you aren't riding first, you can be there early to cheer on your team members!

Do I need to be there for the official start time?
Your team captain will assign the time you are riding. We ask that riders be on their bikes and ready 10 minutes ahead of their assigned times. The actual ride will start at the top of the hour.

Can I participate in the event if I haven't attended an indoor cycling class?
Yes! Ride to Cure Kids is geared towards everyone, regardless of skill level!

Do each of my four team members ride in different sessions, or can we all ride at once?
One team member rides at a time, in one of the four cycling sessions. The team captain decides in advance which team member will ride during each session.

What if I need to change the time I ride?
Please work with your team captain to rearrange when you will ride. We do ask that your team's bike be filled during all four sessions of the event.

How can I get to the TRACK? Will there be parking?
The TRACK is accessible by bus and rail. If you’re driving in, there is free street parking along Guest Street, or you can pay to park at the garage located at 41 Life Street, Boston.
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Fundraising Center

What is a Fundraising Center?
To help you fundraise, everyone who registers for Ride to Cure Kids will receive access to their own Fundraising Center—a personal fundraising website. Here you will find all of the tools you need to meet (and exceed) your fundraising goal and track your progress. Riders can customize their fundraising page, access helpful resources, send emails to donors and more.

How do I get a Fundraising Center?
Your Fundraising Center is automatically created when you register for Ride to Cure Kids. Once registered, look for an email with the link to access your Fundraising Center and your login credentials. You can always access the Fundraising Center by visiting the Ride to Cure Kids homepage and clicking "Log in".

Can I personalize my page?
Yes, we hope you will! The more personal your page, the more funds you’re likely to raise. You can customize it several ways:

  • Your fundraising page will contain a generic photograph. We urge you to upload your own photo or even create your own mini gallery!
  • Your fundraising page will also include a general message about why people participate in Ride to Cure Kids. We encourage you to replace this message with your own personalized comments. Tell your story and explain why you ride for kids at Boston Children's!

How do people donate to my page?
Your personal fundraising page has a donate button that ensures all gifts are attributed to your personal total. There are many ways to share your page. We recommend posting a link to your page on social media, or sharing with friends and family via email.

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What is event day like?
Ride to Cure Kids brings indoor cyclists of all levels to the world-class TRACK at new balance. The goal? To have some fun and raise money to help kids facing complex, life-threatening illnesses. Every dollar raised fuels groundbreaking research at Boston Children's to find cures and treatments for children worldwide. The vibe is celebratory and upbeat—the DJ will be mixing and guest speakers will inspire. We will ask most volunteers to be at the TRACK from 7 am to 1 pm.
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What does each job entail?

  • Greeter: You will be the first person riders see. You'll greet them, direct them to the bike room, and answer any other questions they have about the day.
  • Cheer Team: You will help keep our riders on motivated and cheer them on during their ride.
  • Food and Beverage: Help set up our food and beverage table and replenish throughout the event.
  • Most Needed: Help us out wherever you're needed most! It could mean prepping the bikes between rides or helping out in the space where participants gather before and after their ride.

Will there be parking?
The TRACK is accessible by bus and rail. If you're driving in, there is free street parking along Guest Street, or you can pay to park at the garage located at 41 Life Street, Boston.
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What time should I arrive and how do I get there?
Most volunteers are asked to arrive at 6 am. Be on the lookout for an email from our team a week or so before the event. It will outline your role and important event details such as requested arrival time and directions.

What time should I expect to be finished?
You can expect to be finished by 1 pm. The cycling concludes at 12 pm, and clean up takes about an hour.

Is there a minimum age requirement to volunteer?
Yes, volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Is there a fundraising minimum for volunteers?
No, we do not require volunteers to fundraise for the event. However, if you want to raise funds for Boston Children's Hospital you definitely can! Our recommended fundraising goal for volunteers is $100. After you are registered, you can access your Fundraising Center by logging in.

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