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Corporate Cup

Patient Partner Program

The Corporate Cup Patient Partner program is a way to connect patients from Boston Children's Hospital to corporate teams competing in Corporate Cup. Teams that are interested in participating will have the chance to get paired up with a Boston Children's Hospital patient to inspire them to fundraise to help more patients like their partner.

Who can participate in the Patient Partner Program?

Any team participating in Corporate Cup can request to be paired with a Patient Partner. We cannot guarantee to be able to pair up all interested teams.

What is the goal of the Patient Partner Program?

The goal of the program is to create a relationship between our Corporate Cup teams and patients and their families. We know patients want to be able to give back and being able to inspire one of our teams to fundraise leading up to event day is such a positive way to do so. The team will also serve as an inspiration to the Patient Partner.

What are the next steps if my team is interested?

Please email and we will coordinate what's next!