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Yoga Reaches Out | Boston Children's Hospital

Your impact

Through Yoga Reaches Out, you use your passion for yoga to help the sickest kids and their families find answers and hope—at Boston Children’s, where our stunning breakthroughs have already saved millions of lives. Every dollar you raise fuels groundbreaking research, family supports, and vital services not covered by insurance through the hospital’s Every Child Fund.

You help kids like Maggie

Maggie came to Boston Children’s early on for ear tube surgeries which are common for kids with Down syndrome. She came back at 2 when a local cardiologist noticed something unusual about her heart.

She was in expert hands at Boston Children’s Benderson Family Heart Center, the nation’s largest pediatric heart center. Even kids with the most serious conditions there have the highest surgical survival rates—approaching 99%.

Her operation was challenging because Maggie had a unique combination of heart defects: multiple holes in the walls of her heart and a malformed valve that complicated both the diagnosis and surgery. As a result, her heart and lungs were working overtime to pump blood and without proper care she would have suffered permanent and life-altering damage to her heart. Her surgeon successfully repaired the holes and then rebuilt Maggie’s valve using tissue from another part of her heart.

Maggie quickly recovered and shows no signs of pulmonary hypertension—a condition that would have cut her life expectancy in half. Regular check-ups at Boston Children’s keep her healthy and active. Now 9, she’s always running between gymnastics, soccer, swimming, and ballet.

Thanks to you, kids like Maggie can find lifesaving answers at Boston Children’s.

You save kids’ lives

  • You give children battling the most complex diseases treatments they can’t find anywhere else.
  • You help children in your town and those across the world get a second chance.
  • You fuel 3,000+ researchers working to find cures.

You support families

  • You help patient-families in crisis with urgent needs, like housing, food and clothing.
  • You bring crucial care to families through not one, but four outpatient psychiatry clinics.
  • You provide Reiki, yoga and a safe place to simply exhale for families facing the stress of caring for a critically-ill child.

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