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Yoga Reaches Out | Boston Children's Hospital

Your impact

Through Yoga Reaches Out, you use your passion for yoga to help the sickest kids and their families, many of whom have nowhere else to turn and travel thousands of miles to find answers at Boston Children's. Every dollar you raise goes to the hospital's Every Child Fund and fuels groundbreaking research, family support programs, and vital services not covered by insurance. Your support delivers lifesaving care and cures at Boston Children's, the world's leading pediatric research hospital and the place that has saved millions of young lives.

You help kids like Kole

Kole was a micro-preemie, born four months early at another local hospital. He weighed only 1 lb., 9 oz., but he was ready to fight to live. A Boston Children's team of pulmonary specialists was immediately called in to help. Medication closed a small hole between the chambers in Kole's heart, but he still struggled to breathe.

At 4 months old, Kole was transferred to Boston Children's for two surgeries that changed everything. First, he received a feeding tube for extra nutritional support and then a tracheotomy tube was placed to take the pressure off his underdeveloped lungs. The results were dramatic—Kole began to grow and play. Now 2, he is thriving and his family looks forward to the day he can breathe without his trach.

Thanks to you, kids like Kole can find lifesaving answers at Boston Children's.

You save kids' lives

  • You give children battling the most complex diseases treatments they can't find anywhere else.
  • You help children in your town and those across the world get a second chance.
  • You fuel 3,600+ researchers working to find cures.

You support families

  • You help patient-families (many of whom travel from far away to find answers) with urgent needs, including housing, food and clothing.
  • You bring crucial care to families through not one, but four outpatient psychiatry clinics.
  • You provide wellness services such as Reiki, yoga and a safe place to simply exhale for families facing the stress of caring for a critically ill child.

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