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Yoga Reaches Out

Organizing a benefit class

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Donation-based yoga classes are a perfect way to bring your community together and raise money for Yoga Reaches Out. Stay informed about upcoming benefit classes and other event updates by following us on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Let us know if you plan on hosting a benefit class

Studio owner

Consider offering your studio's space (in-person or virtually) for benefit classes. Organize a class or see if another instructor would be interested in taking the lead.


Approach your studio owner or manager with the idea to host a benefit class for Yoga Reaches Out. Work out specific details in advance—date, suggested donation amount, etc.


Ask your teacher or studio manager/owner if they would be open to donating studio space and teaching time for a Yoga Reaches Out benefit class. Offer to help with promotion, donation collection, and logistics. If space is a concern, virtual classes are also a great option!

Simple steps to organize a class

Set the scene

Set the time, place and a suggested donation (perhaps your studio's drop-in rate). The key to a successful benefit class is to be creative. Memorable benefit classes have included live music, team teaching with assists, special themes like restorative or hip hop yoga, vendors, food and more.

Invite everyone in

Ask teachers to announce the class during their regular classes. Reach out with social media, your studio's email list or newsletters. Include a link to your fundraising webpage for supporters to donate in advance or for those who can't attend.

Collect donations

Make it easy to give as people enter class. Display a sign with the suggested donation and ways to contribute online. Encourage giving at the end of class and, of course, express your gratitude. Don't forget to invite those that have not joined your team to register at under your team name.

Please mail donations (checks only please) to: Boston Children's Hospital Trust, ATTN Gift Services, 401 Park Drive, Suite 602, Boston, MA 02215. Make checks payable to: Boston Children's Hospital. Allow 7-10 business days for the check donation to be reflected on your personal fundraising page.