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Journey for answers

Kent and Elizabeth Dauten
Kent and Elizabeth Dauten of the Dauten Family Foundation
Dr. Beth Stevens
Dr. Beth Stevens of Boston Children's Hospital

Journey for answers

"We couldn't imagine choosing any other place for this meaningful research."

The Dauten family resides in Chicago, but they searched far beyond their backyard to learn how neuropsychiatric disorders develop in adolescence. By funding a research initiative at Boston Children's, they hope investigators can pinpoint the mechanisms at the root of these disorders and dramatically improve treatment and ultimate prevention.

During adolescence, the brain hones itself, trimming back connections–or synapses–that it deems less important and strengthening others. But what happens when things go awry? Beth Stevens, PhD, and her team have identified brain cells responsible for synaptic pruning and linked these cells to conditions such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer's. This process has never been examined in the adolescent brain–until now.


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